Lady Gaga Caught Performing ‘Blood Bath’ Satanic Ritual in Hotel Room

London hotel staff make gruesome discovery in pop star’s luxury suite

Pop star Lady Gaga has been caught performing a Satanic ritual during her stay at a luxury London hotel.The singer has been accused of partaking in a Satan-worshipping ceremony after hotel staff discovered a bathtub full of blood in her $2000-a-night suite.Workers at the Intercontinental Hotel on London’s exclusive Park Lane were shocked to unearth the gruesome discovery in the American Horror Story actress’s room.

One of the hotel’s employees spoke out about the incident to say that suspicions had previously been raised by “creepy” activity and unusual comings and goings from the room, saying that the singer was “bathing in blood as part of a Satanic ritual.
“The hotel worker went on to say:

Lady Gaga meeting the Queen in an unusual Satanic outfit

This isn’t the first time that Lady Gaga has been connected to Satanism as she’s been long associated with the infamous Satanist Marina Abramovic.Abramovic was thrust into the spotlight when her name popped up in one of the Wikileaks emails when she invited the Podestas to “dinner.”

“Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina”

In a video by Abramovic where she explains the nature of Spirit Cooking, she states that “recipes” are painted on a wall in blood.The first is “Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk; Drink on earthquake nights.” The other recipes for Spirit Cooking are similar and usually involve extracted bodily fluids such as blood and seaman.

Abramovic made a video with the Bad Romance singer entitled “The Abramović Method as practiced by Lady Gaga,” in which a nude Gaga chants and sports symbolic horns.During an interview with Gaga, she gushed about her admiration Abramovic’s “art” and her “lack of limits.”Lady Gaga infuses deep Satanic symbolism into her videos, photos and shows symbols that refer to the Illuminati and mind control.

Her symbolism is deep, esoteric and even spiritual yet she makes song like “Just Dance” which is about being totally numb.This paradoxical aspect of Lady Gaga is something that deserves to be analyzed and understood.




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